Project 252


Contributed by MícheálJohnny (@MOMeachair)
EdTech Tool Name:AntConc
Bref Description:A freeware corpus analysis toolkit for concordancing and text analysis.
Type of EdTech Tool:
  • Apple OS Software
  • Linux Software
  • Windows Software
  • Windows 8 (pc/phone/tablet) App
EdTech Tool Usage Keywords:Corpus, Data-driven learning
EdTech Tool Uses:Students can either browse examples of authentic language use, or create their own corpus.
Education Level(s):
  • Post-Primary (Senior)
  • Third Level/Higher Education
  • Other: Professional qualifications, casual learners
Academic Subjects:Translation, general language, linguistics, corpus-linguistics
EdTech Tool Pricing Structure:Completely, 100% free
Comment:The trick is not to simply provide the tool, but to guide the learners to use it appropriately. This can mean, browsing the provided material in an informed manner OR creating a corpus that is useful and appropriate.