Project 252

Adobe Voice

Contributed by theberknologist (@theberknologist)
EdTech Tool Name:Adobe Voice
Bref Description:Digital Storytelling/Presentation App
Type of EdTech Tool:
  • IOS (iPad/iPad Mini) App
EdTech Tool Usage Keywords:presentation digital storytelling animated video
EdTech Tool Uses:Adobe Voice is useful for on-the-fly digital storytelling. Users can select from over 25,000 Creative Common images or use their own. These stories can then be narrated and/or set to music.
Education Level(s):
  • Primary (Senior)
  • Primary (SEN)
  • Post-Primary (Junior)
  • Post-Primary (Senior)
  • Post-Primary (SEN)
  • Third Level/Higher Education
Academic Subjects:The trans-discipline nature of this app makes it relevant to almost any discipline.
EdTech Tool Pricing Structure:Completely, 100% free
Further info: