Project 252

Explain Everything

Contributed by Ailís (@ailis_t)
EdTech Tool Name:Explain Everything
Bref Description:Explain Everything is an app with a whiteboard type screen that allows users to record audio and video, write, and move objects all while recording in real time
Type of EdTech Tool:
  • Android (phone/tablet) App
  • IOS (iPad/iPad Mini) App
  • Windows 8 (pc/phone/tablet) App
EdTech Tool Usage Keywords:Create, Collaborate, Communicate
EdTech Tool Uses:Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations. You can create dynamic interactive lessons, activities, assessments, and tutorials. Projects, pictures, files, and videos can be uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive, and YouTube. The preferences panel makes it easy for teachers and students who share iPads to easily switch between accounts. This is very useful in a school where classes share iPads and teachers do not have access to sync iPads with iTunes.
Education Level(s):
  • Primary (Junior)
  • Primary (Senior)
  • Primary (SEN)
  • Post-Primary (Junior)
  • Post-Primary (Senior)
  • Post-Primary (SEN)
Academic Subjects:
EdTech Tool Pricing Structure:Commercial (once-off fee)
Further info: