Project 252

Flickr Lunes App

Contributed by Seomra Ranga (@seomraranga)
EdTech Tool Name:Flickr Lunes App
Bref Description:Create Lunes (a type of Haiku poetry) using the app and Creative commons free images from Flickr
Type of EdTech Tool:
  • Web (access through web browser)
EdTech Tool Usage Keywords:poetry
EdTech Tool Uses:In a nutshell, you do a Creative Commons search for a photograph on a particular topic on Flickr from within the app. You select the photograph you wish to have as your background, you overlay the text onto the photograph and create the Lune which is saved as an image.
Education Level(s):
  • Primary (Junior)
  • Primary (Senior)
  • Primary (SEN)
  • Post-Primary (Junior)
  • Post-Primary (Senior)
  • Post-Primary (SEN)
Academic Subjects:English, SESE
EdTech Tool Pricing Structure:Completely, 100% free
Further info:
Comment:The app is provided free by @johnjohnston