Project 252


Contributed by Tom Farrelly (@TomFarrelly)
EdTech Tool Name:Morzino
Bref Description:A colaborative counter-balance to the mega LMS systems. It has been described as not being "a traditional LMS, Morzino seems like a closed eLearning ecosystem"
Type of EdTech Tool:
  • Web (access through web browser)
  • Windows Software
  • Windows 8 (pc/phone/tablet) App
EdTech Tool Usage Keywords:collaboration, publish, management, tracking, Web 2.0
EdTech Tool Uses:Allow users to create and publish eLearning content, and run a “virtual school” where they track student progress, assign work, and share custom-created apps. It is focused on academic, rather than corporate, eLearning.
Education Level(s):
  • Primary (Junior)
  • Primary (Senior)
  • Primary (SEN)
  • Post-Primary (Junior)
  • Post-Primary (Senior)
  • Post-Primary (SEN)
  • Third Level/Higher Education
  • Other: Might be most applicable to schools that do not have theirown LMS/VLE
Academic Subjects:
EdTech Tool Pricing Structure:Completely, 100% free
Further info:
Comment:The beauty of Mozino is that it encourages and facilitates three different groups: students, teachers and parents. There is a great emphasis on collaboration.