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Contributed by Enda (@donenda)
EdTech Tool Name:Ubuntu
Bref Description:Fully open-source Linux operating system (OS)
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  • Linux Software
EdTech Tool Usage Keywords:open-source, operating system
EdTech Tool Uses:Ubuntu is a fully open-source Linux operating system that has steadily become one of the leading distributions (distro) for the linux family of OSs. It can be downloaded as desktop or a variety of servers - each of these downloads is pre-configured differently depending on its intended use. Ubuntu is one of the most popular solutions for LAMP web servers (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). More recently Unbutu has began to move into the mobile OS market for smartphones ( The most dependable version of Ubuntu to download is an LTS one (Long Term Support); which comes with a guaranteed five years of security and maintenance updates (current LTS is Ubuntu 14.04). While Ubuntu is an excellent OS in its own right, it's also an option worth considering for older laptops and PCs that have slowed down significantly - if all you want is a web browser and basic OS to host this (plus access to a network and printers, etc.) Ubuntu is a very good option.
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