Project 252

Collaborize Classroom

Contributed by Ms Dignam (@5j16MsDignam)
EdTech Tool Name: Collaborize Classroom
Bref Description:A FREE online collaborative platform designed to complement classroom instruction with additional activities, assignments, resources and discussions that can be accessed online.
Type of EdTech Tool:
  • Web (access through web browser)
  • Android (phone/tablet) App
  • Apple OS Software
  • IOS (iPhone/iPod Touch) App
  • IOS (iPad/iPad Mini) App
  • Windows 8 (pc/phone/tablet) App
EdTech Tool Usage Keywords:Collaboration, Presentation, Debating,
EdTech Tool Uses:Collaborize Classroom is an easy-to-use online learning platform. You can launch a free site in less than 5 minutes and it is easy to navigate and safe to use. There is a password-protected learning community for you and your students and it also keeps the learning process engaging for students. There is a range of things you can do on Collaborize Classroom such as debating, presentations, writing student reports, online grading, attach documents, student projects and there is also a topic library which gives you immediate access to a variety of lessons. For teachers, there is also the option to register for a FREE online Professional Development course on the website.
Education Level(s):
  • Post-Primary (Senior)
Academic Subjects:Religious Education, History, English, Geography, Maths.
EdTech Tool Pricing Structure:Completely, 100% free
Further info: